She dances with dreamy eyes

Smiling naked and bare

Under the pink skies

Wondering when and how

When now already feels so alive

Celebrate what you have

And even those that you had

Even if they seem to be losing you

Or you letting them lose you

Cos what is it that really matters

Is it that you keep them with you

Or to have experienced what it’s like with them

Life may allow you but you stop you

Cherish how it has been

And how it will be

May or may not be the same them

Just know that you can treasure what it still is

You can look back

And keep your journey slow

Or one last stare

And move forward , leap to your shall

Cherishing my heart beating fast

It has been my most pleasure

My most beautiful mistake

And my most what could have been

A lake so serene

It is flowing and swaying

Wings flapping on top of it

Everything is dancing and bouncing

Chirping and singing

She is rejoicing

Just before the sun sets

Why not celebrate what it has been?

When the simplest stings

And lashes get too heavy

Baby, don’t get stuck

Untuck and flee

Better to not because you won’t

Than to not because you can’t

Cos baby trust me

It is temporary

Waves crash endlessly

Yet it ripples again and back

As if it never ended

Always excited to curl and then again

Better to not because you won’t

Than to not because you can’t

Fool yourself and try

Try until you are.

The silliest thoughts before have become the best way to cope today.

Trusting your intuition, jumping the gun at what makes you feel alive, and expressing what you feel no matter what — and as silly as they sound, why does it seem that people now have become more “human?”

Is it just us “coping” or this is us “living?”

The abundance of joy

And existence of pain

Knowing there’s an end

Makes it ethereal and a dread

There is only one truth

That I am alive today

Feeling and fearing

Tears running not falling

To live is to feel

To accept and to do

To live is to flow

To allow and to let go

More than you

More than the gaia

It is beyond us

It is perennial

Celebrate and recognize

Weep but don’t regret

As everything is impermanent

So as sorrow so as to joy

“You’re not ready.”

“ Yes, I am not.”

“ That’s okay, I will…”

No, don’t you say it.

We all have our struggles. Some of it we remember, some of it we don’t. Others we handle well, others we fuck up. There are days when the simplest of problems seem…

Make her lips curve

Let her dream

See her stoic eyes

They rarely shine

Make her feel

Watch her fly

She had it dark

With the brightest lights

Make her love

Her and she

As she is all but there is

Watch her and let it be

Lana Macapagal

Dreamer Believer Go-Getter

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